TAX RETURN PREPARATION Maximum Returns Without Any Surprises


Tax returns. One of the ‘necessary evils’ of owning a business. It’s a bit like going t o the dentist. You
know you have to do it, bu t it’s something you rarely look forward to. But just as a good dental maintenance
plan takes the worry out of going t o the dentist, a good tax plan can take the worry out of
lodging your tax return. And that’s what we can give you at Schmidt CA.


If you only see your accountant at tax time, the y may well give you advice about how you can mini-mise your tax and maximise your return.

But by then it’s too late. Twelve months too late.

At Schmidt CA we get to know about you and your business, and then together we come up with a
plan to minimise your tax fr om the very beginning.

So when it comes to lodging your tax return, you can relax knowing you’re legally paying the least
amount of tax.


When it comes to refunds, you don’t want to be waiting months for your return to be processed.
That’s money from your business, and the quicker you get it back in to your business the quicker you
can take ad vantage of it.

But with Schmidt CA looking after your taxes, you don’t have to worry. Because our information is
always up to date, we have everything we need to lodge your return quickly. And because we’ve
already planned all your deductions, it will be processed just as quickly.


There’s nothing worse than lodging your tax re turn and finding out there’s something you’ve missed.

Not only can it delay your return being processed, it ma y end up costing you money. Or worse—a rap
over the knuckles fr om the Australian Taxation Office f or doing some thing you shouldn’t have done.

But with Schmidt CA, you can relax. You won’t have to worry about any nasty surprises because we
plan everything out in advance. And you won’t have to worry about the tax office, either .

Let us take the worry out of preparing your business’ tax return

Running a business can be stressful enough without having to worry about preparing your tax re turn.
So let us take care o f it f or you, so you concentrate on gr owing your business. Get in touch with us
today, and let’s talk about how you can minimise your tax and maximise your return.