ASSET PROTECTION Business Structures


Enjoy the feeling of having nothing to lose

Business is going well, and you’re starting to enjoy the fruits of your labour. You own a nice car, and most of your house. You may have a boat in the shed, or even an investment property earning you a bit of extra money.

Then everything changes. Whether it’s bad advice, bad judgement or just bad luck, the business goes under. Right under.

Before you know it, creditors are demanding money from you. Money your business simply doesn’t have. And neither do you.

The business is liquidated, but it still isn’t enough. And now they’re looking for other assets they can sell to get the money—the boat, your car, even your house.

But they can’t make you sell those, can they? They have nothing to do with the business. They’re yours, so they should be safe, right?.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Protect your assets… and your future

At Schmidt CA we can help protect your personal assets from creditors, litigators and other legal entities. No, we can’t stand outside your house all day looking intimidating. But we can change ownership of your assets to take them out of the picture completely.

You’ll still have your hard-earned possessions. But the litigators won’t be able to touch them.

And you’ll have the law to protect you.

Of course, we hope this never happens to your business. But wouldn’t you feel better knowing your assets are protected if it did happen?

So would we.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s give you one less thing to worry about.